"Getting Naked"

Recently, a friend lent a book to me from his rather large collection.  It was “Getting Naked” by Patrick Lencioni.  Quite simply, the plot was light and enjoyable, while the lessons were demonstrated exceptionally well.

“Naked service is about being completely vulnerable with clients—open, selfless, humble, transparent, and kind. It means that you always act in the client’s best interests, and don’t over-think what you say and how you say it.”

                                                                                                -Patrick Lencioni 

The story starts with a very large consulting firm acquiring, and trying to integrate, a small consulting firm.  The manager from the larger firm is assigned to lead the integration, and he is regularly bewildered by the way the small firm works.  Time and time again, the smaller firm demonstrates a very transparent communication style, while his large firm is very reserved, almost aloof.  The larger firm seems to want to demonstrate their intellectual superiority to their clients rather than understand them.  Not surprisingly, the two communication styles are incompatible, and some conflict emerges in the attempted integration.

The key thoughts are generously summarized at the end of the book.  These points could be valuable to almost any relationship, and even had me thinking about some of my interactions with certain family and friends. 

How does all this relate to finances and investing?  As financial advisors, relationships are extremely important to us.  Clients are central to us, and in my opinion, the very intimate and personal conversations we are privileged to be a part of are truly my favorite part of the whole business. 

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Patrick Stoa

Raymond James is not affiliated with nor endorses the book, “Getting Naked,” or its author, Patrick Lencioni.  Opinions expressed in the video are those of the speakers and are not necessarily those of Raymond James.