Investing is like...Toothpaste.

They say, “More choices are better.”   I am not so sure.  Recently I went to the grocery store to buy toothpaste.  Instead of a handful of decent choices, I was assaulted by 122 choices (yes, I counted).

How should I choose between having “Deep Cleaning,” “Optic Whitening,” “Anti-Plaque,” and so many other important sounding features.  The selection was overwhelming, and I felt like I knew less about toothpaste than ever.  Isn’t that silly?  So how does this relate to investments?

Watch our video or read below to find out.

First, did you ever stop using toothpaste due to the confusing choices?  Of course not.  Like toothpaste, there is an enormous selection of investment possibilities.  I have seen some people avoid making a decision about what to invest in due to being so overwhelmed.  Sadly, the indecision normally means that money is not invested at all, which works about as well as not using toothpaste.

In the beginning, thankfully, most of us didn’t start out “choosing” a toothpaste.  Our parents provided it, and we faithfully stuck it in our mouths.  The key was to be brushing with any standard toothpaste to get started early and form the habit.  As kids, we weren’t actually good at brushing.  But by doing it every day, we got better.  And by the time we were adults, it became an automatic habit. 

Unfortunately, while most parents indoctrinate their kids into brushing their teeth, few pass along the investment habit.  If only they did.  The key is the same as brushing: start early, and make it a habit.  Don’t let the overwhelming array of investment choices stop you.  It is probably best to start with something rather plain anyway.  Make the choice to invest.  Just start now, and make it a habit.  Or better yet, make it automatic.

We are here to help you make it happen.


Patrick Stoa
Financial Advisor

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