Two-Step Sign-on: The Remedy for Weak Passwords

Most people know that in order to have a secure online presence, you must have a strong password. By “strong”, we mean that it should be long, complex (letters, number & special characters) and unique (not the same password on every website). But this can be tough to do. And the problem with a password - whether strong or not - is that once it’s known, it can be used from anywhere. So in addition to a password, or in the absence of a strong password, there is something you should do to protect your online accounts.

Two-step sign-on is a feature that requires a special one-time use code, in addition to your username and password, in order to log on to a website. This code is typically sent via text message to your mobile phone. But it can also be sent via email, phone call, or even generated by an app on your smartphone. This means that even if a hacker has your username and password, they probably won’t have your cell phone and, consequently, won’t be able to log into your account.

Many of the websites you use every day offer this service for free! But in most cases, it’s an optional feature that you have to enable. I’ve posted informational links to some of the most popular websites below. If you’re not sure if a website you use offers two-step sign-on, visit to find out. Turn it on and rest easy.

-Mike Macco, Financial Advisor

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